How to come to Nosy Be from the road?

Madagascar bush taxi

About 900 km of road. Depending on your way of organizing it and understanding it, this journey can be a real ordeal or a magnificent adventure.

Here we go for the adventure, we are spoiled for choice for transport: either travel with the bush taxi which is a public transport, or leave with his own car or a private rented vehicle.

Taxi-brousse: Tana - Ambanja and Ambaja - Ankify

The bush taxi is Madagascar's public transport, so it will be exchange and conversation with other travelers, a musical atmosphere during the journey (you can even choose the song) and have two drivers who make a change in order to 'ensure the trip.

Departures take place from Tana every day between noon and 3 p.m. from the bus station located in Ambodivona, all taxis know the place, just plan to leave at 10:00 from the hotel to get there, with traffic jams even if you are not far, the journey may be long .

For prices, count 50,000 Ar / person, for adults, do not hesitate to take 2 places, 18 hours of journey with tight legs, ants insured!

Here you are, next stop for dinner, either in Manerinerina, in Maevatanana or in Ambondromamy depending on the time of departure and the speed of the car. Restaurants, restaurants and inns open 24 hours a day are at the service of travelers who offer varied menus: rice dishes with zebu meat or sausage, chicken or fish, ... or different soups as well as mine-sao and homemade yogurt as a dessert, on this point, if you are in a third world country for the first time, avoid anything that is not cooked to avoid the tourista (raw vegetables, homemade yogurt), and especially the coffee made with well water.

Dans le principe, pas de pause jusqu’à l’arrivé, uniquement pause de quelques minutes en cas de « besoin », ainsi n’attendais pas une pause, demandé, vos voisins vous en serons reconnaissant 😉

Arrived in Ambanja the next day in the morning, civilian minibuses or taxis (at 5,000 Ar the cost) are ready to embark you towards the coast of Ankify, where there is the port which connects the mainland to Nosy Be

You have not yet reached the destination, at a distance of 25km, 45 minutes by speedboat (at 12,000Ar) or about 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat (between 5,000Ar to 9,000Ar), you enter the Hell ville port .

Welcome to Nosy Be, the pearl of the Indian Ocean!

Leave with your own car or rented vehicle

The biggest advantage of leaving in your private vehicle is to be able to stop where you want, indeed the landscapes are magnificent, and if you take a driver guide, he will know some of the most pleasant places, probably planning the 2-3 day trip!

The stages of the journey in case you drive yourself:

  • Antananarivo - Ankazobe: 94 km (about 1h 30mn)
  • Ankazobe - Maevatanana: 235 km (about 04h)
  • Maevatanana - Ambondromamy: 96 km (about 1h 30mn)

At the intersection of Ambondromamy, you have to branch off to the north.

  • Ambondromamy - Mampikony: 84 km (about 1h 20mn)
  • Mampikony - Antsohihy: 82 km (about 1h 20mn)
  • Antsohihy - Ambaja: 218 km (about 04h)
  • Ambanja - Ankify: 29 km (about 25 minutes)

NB: To take your car from Ankify to Nosy Be, ferries are at your disposal.