Nosy Be, the little corner of paradise in the heart of perfumes!

Nosy Be

For those who do not know, Nosy Be is famous for its natural beauty, rich in fauna and flora. This island with the scents of ylang-ylang has everything to seduce the hearts of travelers, it also gives a softer glimpse of its big sister, Madagascar.

As soon as you arrive on the tarmac, the gentle breeze, the good smell and a smiling welcome from our team at the Ylang hotel await you. To reach the hotel located on Ambondrona beach, we will pass through the fields of Ylang giving a view of Nosy Tanikely, as well as by the capital of Nosy Be, Hell-ville, which deserves to be discovery.

What to visit during your stay in Nosy Be?

Apart from known activities (Visit of Nosy Tanikely / Iranja / Komba, whale safari, the sacred tree, etc ...) which we are talking about in more details on this page, some other possibilities:

  • Discovery of Hell-city: Take a trip back in time by visiting the old buildings and large cannons from the colonial era in Hell-ville. Take a walk in the covered market called "Bazary Be" in the city center where you can find all the vegetables, meats, seafood and all kinds of spices as well as PPN. And why not continue to the old port to meet the local fishermen?
  • Lokobe Park in Marodoka: Nature lovers ? Open every day, discover the exceptional fauna of this Park such as endemic lemurs, different kinds of reptiles and many species of birds. Also explore during your walk in this site the unique and unusual flora: medicinal plants.
  • The sacred tree in Mahatsinjo: A few minutes from downtown, a natural and cultural site awaits you. Meet the 200-year-old banyan tree as well as the magnificent 5,000m green space2. Apart from the fact that it is a Sakalava cultural heritage, it is also a place of prayer where the local inhabitants ask for help, health, wealth, etc ...
  • The Andraodraotra waterfall in Diego-Hely: Just before the Ambatoloaka crossroads, another sacred place and place of prayer houses a must-see waterfall with a pretty little lake and lush flora. There are also some fish.

What to do during your stay in Nosy Be?

Apart from the usual land activities and the fair sea trip, other surprising activities can be organized by our team for you:

  • The Peach: Whether you are a simple amateur (fishing with canoeists) or big game fishing enthusiast, professional service providers are present in Nosy Be. Let yourself be guided !
  • Scuba diving: Go and meet the underwater flora and fauna of Nosy Be, with more than 30 diving spots spread over the different islands that are Nosy Komba, Nosy Faly, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Mitsio, you set off on spots ranging from 08 to 40m, sometimes with current, sometimes with wrecks and for amateurs, optional sharks!

And of course, between all these excursions, you can take the time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and laze at the hotel in the garden, around the swimming pool with a cocktail in hand.