Tips for your holidays in Nosy Be

Lokobe nosy be park

Want to get out of the ordinary? Want to have an exceptional vacation? want to have a beautiful unforgettable memory? Here are some tips that you will be very useful for your next vacation in Nosy Be - Madagascar

Go with family, friends or lovers. Where you go, where you sleep and the setting where you eat play a big part in marking a great "Holiday" so you have to prepare everything in advance.

Where to go ?

Are you looking for a unique place of its kind? a little corner of paradise where nature speaks to you? We invite you to discover Nosy Be, the island of perfumes where the good smells of ylang ylang welcome you as soon as you arrive at Fascène international airport or the blossoming of tropical gardens receive you just outside the port on the main road to Hell Ville.

Classified by TripAdvisor as one of the first three most beautiful islands in Africa for the past three years, Nosy Be, the jewel of the Indian Ocean in the north-west of Madagascar, has become the flagship destination renowned for its nature reserve rich in flora and fauna, its beautiful landscapes, his whales and whale sharks which come every month from August to December, its idyllic beaches and especially its neighboring islands which make her completely an island paradise. Rub shoulders directly with its inhabitants, you will discover the customs, rites, history and all that concerns the Sakalava.

Where to sleep in Nosy Be?

Are you looking for a luxurious and friendly environment? do you like peace and quiet? do you want to relax by the sea? We have only one address for you: “Ylang Hotel. With a breathtaking view of the bay ofAmbondrona from Nosy Be, our charming hotel is located between the sea and the forest. Feet in the water, our establishment is composed of 4 bungalows, 2 double bedrooms and  1 family room, the whole with swimming pool at the seaside overhangs you of pleasures during your stay with an excellent service of the competent personnel.

Where to eat in Nosy Be?

From traditional and western cuisine, we serve breakfast in our “Gargote” every day which will give you a good morning mood, lunch and dinner with varied menus which bring you calories.

If you also want to go out, we are located just a few minutes drive from the Ambatoloaka area, which has restaurants offering a varied choice of menu, gourmet as well as snacks.

What are the activities to do?

We can organize your nautical and land excursion, you just have to make choices because you will have multiple possibilities:

  • Excursion to the neighboring islands of Nosy Be: to Nosy Komba or the lemur island, to the Nosy Tanikely underwater reserve, to Nosy Iranja or the orchid island, to Nosy Sakatia or the turtle island, to the archipelago of Nosy Mitsio, in Nosy Fanihy, etc ...
  • Sea excursion: big game fishing, snorkeling, diving with fins, mask and snorkel, kayaking, stand up paddle, etc ...
  • Land excursion: Tour of the island of Nosy Be by car, quad or motorbike, bicycle, horse or on foot. Discovery of the interior of the island: the Lokobe nature reserve, the Ylang ylang distillery, the "Hell-ville" capital, the Andraondraotra waterfall, the sacred tree where there is the thousand-year-old banyan tree , the plantation of sugar cane, the town of Dzamandzar, the beautiful beach of Andilana with white sand, the 180 ° sunset at Mont Passot, etc ...

Practical advice :

  • Don't forget to bring your camera to memorize every moment
  • Protective creams mandatory during your stay, don't forget it
  • Always have a Nosy Be card so you don't get lost.
  • Do not bring any valuables, all necklace & jewelry is to be left at home
  • With the tropical sun of Nosy Be, bring only light clothes / summer clothes, pitchers, and if you are going to play sports, do not forget your tennis shoes.
  • Treat yourself and don't miss the opportunities!