Nosy Be map

Nosy Be is a volcanic island located in the Mozambique Channel 8 km from Madagascar in the bay of Ampasindava. Covering an area of 321 km², with a fairly turbulent relief, NosyBe culminates at Mont Lokobe (450km). Extending 26 km from North to South and 20 km from East to West, Nosy Be has a regular shape whose coasts are interrupted by numerous bays and beautiful beaches.

South of Nosy Be

You will mainly find “Hell-Ville”, the Sacred Tree of Mahatsinjo and the Lokobe Reserve.

Hell Town

Hell-ville is an old colonial city, so you can observe different historical monuments and colonial buildings, his covered market where you will find spices, tropical fruits, vegetables, crab stalls, etc. Don't forget to make a detour to its port, you have two, the new one which is the maritime entry point of Nosy Be, and the old one, the port with dhows & fishermen, a pleasant and nostalgic place.Finally, you will find in Hell-ville several souvenir shops.

Sacred tree

Called pagoda banyan, theatsacred tree of Mahatsinjo, over 200 years old is a perennial tree that can live up to several centuries. Part of a single tree, its capacity constitutes a true forest of ½ hectare which allows it to be a refuge of biodiversity. In sakalava culture, this sacred tree occupies an important symbolic place: a place of pilgrimage to ask for a blessing or the resolution of a wish.

Lokobe reserve

 The Lokobe reserve Covering 740 hectares of forest and a marine area of 122 hectares, this natural jewel has become a national park since 2011. Open to visitors of all ages, a circuit to discover its biodiversity is possible in two options: short circuit and longer. The cherry, a small beach where you can have a quiet picnic completes everything.

At the South West

It is undoubtedly the most famous and frequented part of Nosy Be, mainly Ambatoloaka, Maridokely and Ambondrona.


7 km from Hell-Ville, Ambatoloaka, the former fishing village has become the nerve center of Nosy Be in terms of tourism. Known for its atmosphere, this village is the meeting place for all those who like the atmosphere and the attendance. Outside of the evening, Ambatoloaka is the starting point for nautical excursions, in fact Ambatoloaka is home to excursion centers, scuba diving, car / motorbike / quads / bicycle rentals.


A few steps from Ambatoloaka, on the same bay, this is Madirokely famous for its magnificent white sand beach and its Sunday atmosphere. This beach remains quieter than Ambatoloaka while keeping the advantages of proximity


Not far from Madirokely, behind the mountain, the bay ofAmbondrona with its superb rounded beach, it is the calmest bay on the southwest coast of Nosy Be, it is also the bay where we decided to settle for its ideal location, quiet while remaining close to service providers 'activities and restaurant.


The main village is Dzamanzary, a place that never misses a party, whether during working days or weekends. Bar-restaurants, karaoke clubs and nightclubs are pleased to provide a warm and festive atmosphere every day, in a Malagasy atmosphere. You may know, Nosy Be has long lived thanks to sugar cane, it is a little further from Dzamanzary that you will find the SIRAMA, a sugar cane operating company that has resumed since 2015.The factory is not yet open to visitors, but this is scheduled for 2018

To the northwest

Andilana Beach

Renowned for its magnificent white sand beach, is the idyllic beach ofAndilanaVery popular on weekends and holidays, this place is the meeting place for vacationers, tourists or residents in search of relaxation where picnics as well as swimming and sunbathing are convenient. Restaurants and taverns are available on site which serve different menus based on local products (especially seafood).

Road to the North 

Mont Passot

Appreciated for its magnificent sunsets in all seasons, the site of Mont Passot surrounded by sacred lakes, have been recently renovated. You will now enjoy an asphalt road, parking for 14 cars, souvenir shops, a tavern, a panoramic terrace and suspended 360 ° view. Three walking tours to choose from:

  1. Circuit of 4km to about 2h 30mn of visit to Antsamanavaka to observe lakes, crocodiles, medicinal plants, Teks forests, waterfalls, community reforestation areas, ...
  2. 5km circuit with a 3 to 4 hour walk in Antsidihy to contemplate the birds, after visiting the village of Sakalava, the ylang ylang plantations, the artisanal distillation of ylang oils, the suspension bridge, the crocodiles, ...
  3. 6km circuit with a 4 to 5 hour visit to Amparihibe to see the orchids, Sakalava remains, perfume plants, etc ...

Lost corners of the North East

Once past Mont Passot, you go to the little-known lands of Nosy Be, in fact, apart from a few hotels that have settled there, the road is not maintained, a few villages here and there, tracks, deserted beaches, so plan excursions by motorbike or Quad for those who like this kind of places.

To the East

Mainly mangroves on the beach so a place can be exploited touristically. You will mainly find theFascène International Airport which joins Hell-ville through many fields of ylang ylangs.

We have toured Nosy Be, if we have forgotten any attractive places that you appreciated, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments