The islands of the archipelago in Nosy Be

Nosy Be is an archipelago of more than 10 islands, some are not accessible during a stay in Nos Be, it takes 1 full days of navigation, so only the cruise stays will allow you to discover them, we do not we won't talk about it here

Nosy be a fantastic place rich in endemic fauna & flora

Perfume Island is a totally unique island in the world with its various emblematic species such as lemurs, amphibians, chameleons, as well as aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales. Not to mention the lush plants such as orchids, ferns, and the famous ylang ylang flowers which make the identity of Nosy Be. It is also rich in savannah and mangroves. In addition, the scent of vanilla is also present throughout the island, especially in the city of Anjiabe.

Nosy Tanikely

Magnificent marine reserve, where you can discover fish of all colors such as parrot fish, which is otherwise excellent. It is natural to fall under its spell while snorkeling or scuba diving!

Nosy Tanikely which is located south of Nosy Be is the most visited compared to the other three because of its totally sublime marine reserve and which makes the joy of scuba divers by discovering the many fish of varied colors. The beaches that Nosy Tanikely offers are bordered by fine white sand. As a vestige, the lighthouse dating from 1908 offers a panoramic view of the entire island.

Nosy Sakatia

Nosy Sakatia is also a famous dive site in the region. He also suggests forest trails to discover fauna species such as chameleons and bats, as well as the various species of wild orchids on the island.

Nosy Iranja

L’île de Nosy Iranja est sans aucun doute une des plus belles îles à visiter autour de Nosy Be. Elle possède deux îlots reliés par un banc de sable blanc qui est entièrement recouvert en marée haute. Sable fin et eau translucide, c’est un paysage digne d’une carte postale. A vos appareils photos ! Une île tranquille de petite dimension,  l’île aux tortues ou Nosy Iranja possède une particularité exceptionnelle grâce au banc de sable blanc qui permet de relier à marée basse deux îles plus ou moins identiques.

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba or the island of lemurs is populated by lemurs which are sacred in the eyes of the local population.

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