Nos hébergements à Noy Be

Pour un séjour reposant en famille à Nosy Be

Avec 4 bungalows, 2 chambres double et 1 chambre familial, soit une capacité de 16 personnes, ce qui nous permet de rester en petite équipe afin de vous apporter une ambiance convivial

Ce que nos clients disent sur nous

Honestly, the hotel is definitely not a perfect luxury resort and has a few minor quirks, but it has a great relaxed atmosphere, the pool is perfect to float in at the end of the day, the room had excellent AC and mosquito nets (which you should definitely use as there were a lot of mosquitos). The manager’s ability to speak great English made things a lot easier. Highly recommend if you can’t speak French! Also be sure to have an oil massage from Abeline who was so kind to us during our visit and even helped us to go to Christmas service at a nearby church! It’s probably the best I’ve had and did wonders for my stiff knee too.

Katttie – Tripadvisor